This Transformational Life is a company born out of the desire to explore how to connect each of us to a vibrant and wholistic eco-system which, of course, is our collective global humanity.


This Transformational Life is the brainchild of social activist and meditation student, Jody R. Weiss. Jody traveled to Kashmir eight times in her teens and 20's to practice classical yoga and Kashmir Shaivism with the great non-dual teacher, Swami Lakshmanjoo. Additionally, Jody is a social activist and social entrepreneur and was the Founder of PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics. PeaceKeeper was a cosmetics line that gave donations to urgent human rights issues.

Over these many years of exploring the intersection between human rights and consciousness, Jody is more aware than ever that the transformation of the planet relies more on the undeniable understanding that we are interconnected as one ever-present quality of consciousness and that the mind/intellect/ego, doing their job well, creates separation. To this end, her "social activism" is focused squarely on an experiential practice to understand our interconnection as one vibrating humanity. We are, in every way, interconnected and what affects one ecosystem affects all systems far and wide. Conscious social change becomes an experiential awareness that opens up the heart so we feel that if the least among us suffers, we ourselves, suffer too. This interconnection is deeply intimate and profoundly loving. 

Jody's work is also designed to exploring the transformational nature of money. This Transformational Life builds meaning into money. It explores how to create an economy in the service to all of life, while creating passionate work that gives back to the world.

To learn more about Jody's work visit: www.jodyrweiss.com.