We Just Don't Have The Ability To Perceive All That There Is To Perceive

Humans have a limited range of perception when it comes to all there is to see in reality. We do not see ultraviolet light nor do we see infrared light. Only a limited range of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye. The light we see travels at wave lengths (frequencies) that our retina and visual cortex is capable of processing. In fact, we are quite limited to a very small range of electromagnetic radiation that is out there. Some other species actually have a much wider range of perceptions such as the honey bee. Bees have such a highly developed color vision system that it allows them to sense radiation in the UV spectrum... It is believed that their "ability to see "color" evolved before the pigmentation on flowers. Which means flowers evolved to look the way they do because they wanted to be "beautiful" attractive to bees." (Source: Deviate by Beau Lotto, Pg 50)