The Way The Mind Creates Time, Perception & Reality

Did you know that when areas of the brain are affected, there can be a distortion of time; one being called "zeitraffer", where time speeds up or there is an altered perception of the speed of moving objects. And, there is another syndrome called "akinetopsia, in which motion momentarily stops. 

I just hope that one day you do not wake up and find that you have Autotopagnosia.

"Autotopagnosia, initially described by Pick (1908), is usually defined as the disturbance of body schema involving the loss of ability to localize, recognize, or identify the specific parts of one's body (Mendoza, 2011). Patients are able to point to parts of objects, plants and animals on command; however, they face difficulty when asked to locate their body parts in relation to the whole body (Ogden, 1985). (Source:, Some Unususal Neuropsychological Syndromes)

Fascinating. How do you "exist" if you do not recognize, live in or are a part of your own body? We do this every night when we sleep in that we leave the physical realm of the body and enter the dream body. And we may think that we are perceiving reality "correctly" when we live our life day-to-day, but are we? 

This is why I like my slogan, "Your Reality Is As Valid As Mine. Doesn't Mean Either Are True". Jody