Giving as a Practice in True Generosity

Whether you give a large or small gift, the way you give matters. In yoga, there are three types of actions called gunas; the right action at the right time and place, the right action at the wrong time and place and the wrong action at the wrong time and place. All three of these actions will create a ripple effect and impact your life. As an example, if you give a great gift with the idea of getting something in return, it could be described as the right gift at the wrong place and time. That kind of gift, with strings attached, never ultimately works out as the recipient begins to feel that there are always strings attached to the "giving". Of course, giving to people where there is not a generous spirit is also problematic. The balance lies in giving to people equally open, collaborative and generous in ways that expands the heart. (Credit: Jamie Street Photo Upsplash)