Does Light Create Our Reality?

Did you know that your retina, which sits at the back of the eye, is a thin layer of tissue that contains millions of tiny light-sensing nerve cells. ... small rods also allow the eyes to detect motion and help us see in dim light and at night. The American Optometric Association describes how these cells in the retina convert the light into electrical impulses. “The light rays then pass through the lens, which changes shape, so it can further bend the rays and focus them on the retina.... These cells in the retina convert the light into electrical impulses. The optic nerve sends these impulses to the brain, which produces an image.” Therefore, the question is, are these images what is seen externally or a modification of the outside world. And, how does memory and history play into the interpretation of reality? The most fascinating thing from my perspective is that all of reality exists inside of myself as an interpretation, so what is real? (Wikipedia: