As "Truth" Dissolves Around The Globe, What Can Be Defined As Real?

There is a fascinating article from Neuroscience news that asks the question , "what is reality is we no longer share the same "truths"? 

From the article, "Our Shared Reality Is Fraying" it reads, "Researchers report truth is key to normal human interactions and considers how society might be losing its sense of shared reality." In the article, the author Arie Kruglanski states that, "Humans need to believe that there is truth in order to maintain institutions, relationships and society." He asks if the internet, with it wide array of opinions and points-of-view, could be tearing apart the notion of a grounded collective reality? Polarization, mistrust, black/white views, lack of connection and shared values all tear individuals and communities apart. Once the trust of shared values erode, what then remains real? Perhaps the answer lies not so much in an intellectual understanding of what we believe is real but, rather, a feeling of interconnectedness, which needs no verification. Tender interconnectedness speaks for itself in real time, which is the best source of what is true. 

Source: Arie Kruglanski – The Conversation
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