A Person Who Has Lived, Takes Risks

I sometimes think about what it will feel like when I look back on my life in a thoughtful evaluation and wonder if I truly lived an enriched life. Will there be things that I will regret not doing? Did things I thought would work out, not work out... and visa versa... And, did I extend myself passed what I thought I could manage with grace and reason? Did I, with all the courage in the world, take leaps and bounds that some thought were crazy, risky, out-side-the-box, that have enabled me to live more fully? Yes, I have fallen on my face (a number of times). Yes, I am bruised... and yet I still continue to take... almost impossible risks...Why? Because I feel more alive. Because I believe I can cross a chasm .... or that I must try... Because a calling rises up out of me that I cannot ignore or deny. This is the clarion call that I follow; madly, perhaps. This is my compass... To live life out load with more fearlessness than fear. I have a magnet on my refrigerate that reads, "Keep Making Mistakes". I have learnt that they polish me into a finer version of myself. I am sending you all blessings and more blessings as we head into a mostly imagined, yet profoundly exciting future.