2021 - The Year of Compassion

As we all know, this is one of the most challenging times for many of us. The world is changing with lightening speed and Covid19 has rearranged or eternally changes the way we live. Yes, we all have our views on Covid, politics and life on earth. We do. But what I am hoping for in 2021 is that we start to soften emphatic statements with a framework from one's own point of view... such as using words like "perhaps", "might be", "one thought is"... You get the idea. The old parable of the blind men and the elephant is a powerful visual here. Each one is touching a different part of the elephant and describing the entire elephant based on their limited perception. That is why compassion is a powerful equalizer here. I also like the statement, "My view of reality is as valid as yours. Doesn't mean either are true".